White Ice Teeth Whitening Pen Stick

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The hottest product at both the Prime Time Emmy’s and the American Music Awards, WhiteICE has received accolades from top beauty publications like New Beauty and Life & Style Magazines! Once a boutique product only available through the dentist’s office, WhiteICE was named top 100 Dental Products when it was introduced in 2007. Formulated to work in concert with other WhiteScience products or by itself, WhiteICE is the quick, easy way to literally erase stains in minutes a day and maintain that perfect smile.

After you apply WhiteICE, the material emulsifies with saliva and soon disappears. This is how the material gets between teeth and onto irregular tooth surfaces, providing total coverage.

Originally intended as a maintenance product to enhance your whitening results, however, many find the use of WhiteICE actually continues and improves the whitening process over time.


  • Whiter teeth in just 10 minutes a day
  • Keeps white teeth white
  • Improves tooth color with continued us
  • Easy to use a light application is all you need
  • No uncomfortable strips or trays
  • Most people see results in about a week
  • Built-in mirror lets you use WhiteIce anywhere
  • Removes stains from coffee, tea, wine, tobacco