3 Pack or 6 Pack......Adjustable Face Mask

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Adjustable Face Mask w/ Activated Carbon Filters & Breathing Valve for easier breathing. Product is 100% Cotton, Comfortable & Washable. Comes in 3 or 6 pack!

Why Our Mask is Your Perfect Choice!

As a human race, In our current world situation with environmental pollution, we need to wear masks to fight against all of the harsh elements & to help prevent potential sickness and the spread of germs.

Wearing a mask protects you against air pollution, including smog, pollen, dust, formaldehyde, odors, bacteria droplets and so on.

Therefore when you go outdoors and participate in activities such as; cycling, running, hiking, sports, public places like the bus, metro area, the hospital, a crowded street, and so on where there will be a population or crowd of people, wearing the face mask will help protect you from the elements. 

Choose our reusable daily dust mask to protect you from the elements! Our mask is fashionable, 100% Cotton and Reusable (washable) and also has a valve for exhaling which makes the air in your mask easier to breath..  

Benefits of Our Mask:
  • Breathable & Reusable (washable)
  • Soft 100% Cotton
  • Multi-Layer Secure Filter Protections System
  • Helps against - Dust, Germs, Pollen, Smoke & Pollution's plus more
  • Features Adjustable Nose Bridge Design to help from fogging up glasses
  • 3 Pack or 6 Pack / Black or Gray Color
  • Includes Activated Carbon 5 Layer PM2.5 Filters
  • Safe for everyday use
  • Adjustable O Ring & Elastic Ear Loop: This feature allows you to adjust the position of the O-Ring and the length of straps (as you need) to fit your face comfortably. Prevents the mask from slipping.
  • 3D Chin Design: fits chin or face shape closely and comfortably
  • Secure Health Protections & Versatile
  • One Size Fits All