Kinoki Detox Herbal Foot Pads

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Kinoki Detox Herbal Foot Pads

The Kiyomi Kinoki Detox Herbal Foot Pads are the newest & safest detoxification therapy within the market today. They help to reduce the accumulation of toxins in the body, thus reducing the chances of harmful effects that toxins can cause.

The foot pads contain natural ingredients which stimulate acupuncture points through the combined action of bamboo vinegar, far-infrared energy and negative ion emissions.

After consistent usage, most of your bodily toxins will be released through your feet!

This package included 10 pads or 5 sets.

Oak vinegar, bamboo vinegar, tourmaline, houttyunia cordata, eucalyptus, chitosan, agicarus mushroom, and saurus chinesis.