Topical Anti-Aging Treatments – Some Modern Context

Topical Anti-Aging Treatments – Some Modern Context

To really understand the best new modern treatments for the skin, it's important to understand how these things have changed over the past few years. That has to do with emerging science around how our skin is able to be rejuvenated and rebuilt on a cellular level.


One of the things that is exciting about today's health and beauty world is that there are ways to stimulate the collagen under the skin without invasive procedures. Some groundbreaking topicals are having excellent effects for some patients. Let's talk a little bit about that in more detail.


Fillers and Plumpers


A few years ago, many offices were focusing more on invasive procedures to inject fillers and various kinds of substances directly under the skin. The idea was that these would help re-contour the skin, while stimulating collagen and changing the contours of the face and body.


When you hear about hyaluronic acid fillers or juvederm or something like that, this is the idea. The doctor would take a needle and inject this stuff just under the skin for an antiaging result.


Now, one of these injections is not the most invasive thing in the world, but it is technically an invasive procedure that is done in an office. You don't do it yourself at home. That brings us to some of the modern treatments we offer here that you can do as self-care from the comfort of your house.


Topical Collagen Stimulators


When we talk about our Retinol antiaging facelift cream or hyaluronic acid serum, we’re talking about topical products that you can use to promote smoothing out wrinkles and rejuvenating skin in conjunction with your favorite moisturizer.


Besides having a range of antioxidants and elements like vitamin C that help with cellular health, the anti-aging products that we sell as topical agents can be shown to help with stimulating collagen under the skin. So while injections are an option and offices still do that, there's also the option to use these same types of elements in a topical way.


That's just a little bit about these types of items and why you would call something a “facelift cream” – it's the idea that you're getting somewhat of a contouring experience without an invasive procedure.


Take a look at everything we sell on this modern e-commerce site to help with your health and beauty goals. We want to help you to take advantage of the newest modern science – in comfort! And we want you to be able to choose from all of the treatments available in today’s market.