Three New Products For Better Home Care

Three New Products For Better Home Care

At Health and Beauty Secrets USA, we have a real variety of products and resources for our customers, to help them to improve their health and wellness and meet their wellness goals.


That's a wide spectrum of products, from things that are more oriented towards medical outcomes to cosmetic products and other kinds of beauty supplies. All of it has our seal of approval as we use our modern ecommerce portal to serve our customers in exceptional ways.


Here are three of our newest products that show some of the directions we’re going in to help people get what they need for daily health and wellness.


Sonic Toothbrush


Our Sonic electric toothbrush is a way to keep your smile in better condition for the road ahead.


In the tradition of holistic health and wellness, people understand that dental health is tied to other kinds of health outcomes. For instance, there's a connection between bacteria and decay in the mouth and more general health concerns. That’s been established, but sometimes people don’t think about how important it is to get adequate cleaning power for the job.


By including this in our catalog, we're giving our customers a better way to address their oral health.


Forehead Thermometer


These things really got popular in the pandemic era. As people are wanding other people's foreheads coming into buildings, forehead thermometers are in high demand.


Our portable, versatile and easy to use models will help you to know whether you're running a fever at any given point in time. Forehead monitors aren't just for covid – they help with diagnosing all sorts of health conditions.


Fitness Watch


New fitness watches have the ability to report a lot of data related to your fitness and overall health. Vital sign monitoring is one feature, but there are other kinds of logging and data recording tools that will help you stay healthier in the long run. Take a look at all of the features on our web site to see whether this type of product would be a good addition to your personal health and wellness toolkit.


In addition to these new products we have a lot of different creams and oils and topicals, as well as items like a massage gun for rejuvenating muscle tissue. To complement the new items we mentioned above, we have a pulse oximeter that measures your oxygen levels in your blood. This is also extremely helpful for coronavirus diagnosis.


Browse our site – and let us know what you think! We’re here for you!