Correcting Hyperpigmentation With Cosmetics

Correcting Hyperpigmentation With Cosmetics

Almost every person has some form of hyperpigmentation of their skin. Hyperpigmentation refers to a range of different types of discoloration that appear on the face. Some people may have rosacea or sun damage, while others may have mild forms of discoloration related to the overall tone of their skin. Fortunately, many types of hyperpigmentation can easily be corrected and concealed with the help of proper makeup.

Today, many cosmetic products have been designed to help us combat our various skin tone imperfections. These products often can be used with or without other cosmetic products, giving consumers the ability to wear as little or as much as they feel is best for their specific skin types. Understanding these products and how to use them is the first step towards gaining the even skin tone you desire.

Choosing, The Correct Makeup

To reduce the discoloration that you are targeting in your skin, you should choose the opposite color of the tone you are covering up. This technique is called “color correction.” Color correcting products help change your skin’s appearance by addressing the issue at hand, not merely covering it up. Many color-correcting pallets contain several different color selections, or you can simply purchase one product that is specific for your needs. You should keep in mind the following color-correcting rules:

  • Salmon hues correct undereye circles
  • Green concealers correct redness
  • Purple changes the look of sallow skin
  • Peach and Orange correct dark spots
  • Concealer that is one to two shades darker than your skin tone should be used when targeting dark spots, whereas a shade lighter than your skin is best for under-eye circles

Using Tinted Primers

Some forms of hyperpigmentation involve more extensive areas of the face that require different types of products to address successfully. Tinted primers are intended to be used as a cream over the entire face to balance discolorations. These primers are developed to adhere to the skin without caking and cracking, which means they will not ad thick layers underneath your foundation. Some people may choose only to wear the tinted primer without additional makeup products; the decision is entirely up to personal preference but can create a more natural look.

Highest Quality Of Products

When choosing cosmetics and any product that will be applied directly to your skin, it is crucial to use only the highest quality products on the market. Not only does quality dictate how well the product works for you, but it also ensures that you can feel comfortable with the ingredients on your skin.

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